Reflection on the Devil on the White City


In my English language class, I was assigned to read the novel of The Devil in The White City. Because of the amount of assignments I have I was not excited at all. But when I soon opened the book and started reading I got so interested, because in the first chapter of the book it was speaking about one of the book characters who had a friend died in the Titanic. I love the Titanic and I always used to read about it how did it sink? how many people was in the ship?, who survived?, what type of events happened in the ship?, or is it really true that Kate and Jack met each other in the ship and loved one another or this is something made up by James Cameron. Usually in my nature I love to read about impossible stories happened in real life. The Devil in The White City is considered until now one of the best books I ever read (I did not finish the book yet but it is one of my favorite).

So what is this book is about?

First, it was written by Erik Larson, an American journalist and author of nonfiction books. The Devil in The White City is about real life events happened during the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. These events were circling tow important characters, one is named Burnham the architect and Holmes the serial killer. Daniel Burnham was the chief architect of the World Colombian Exposition (also known as the Chicago World’s Fair). Burnham goal in this book was to make the World Fair successful more than Paris World’s Fair. He supervised building the World’s Fair in a very unsafe city. Chicago was a large city full of criminals, and murderers. In addition to that the city was so polluted, no one can stand living there. So it was very challenging for Burnham to build the fair. He made it and what’s funny about that is on the first day of the exhibition opining some robbery happened.

As for the second character of the book, who is my favorite, was a man called Dr. Henry Howard Holmes (not his real name). He was a serial killer, his main purpose was to find victims in the fair to kill. Also, he was a very huge sharper and a fraud who used to manipulate people by his Charisma. Imagine that this was a real life character. He built a hotel in persuasive way just to attract his victims. He was dreaming about this vision from a very long time that he prepared for it carefully, and he made it. Very scary right!

did you Know that Leonardo DiCaprio is going to make the movie of this novel.

Now let’s speak about amazing things happened in Chicago World’s Fair

While reading the book I found out that Walt Disney’s father Elias Disney was a carpenter during the World’s Fair construction. Walt Disney used to go with his father to the construction site and provide help. Who knows maybe he got inspired to build Disney Land and Disney World from the World’s Fair. Focus on the name “Disney World.”.

Moreover, did you know that the Ferris wheel that we all know and see it everywhere today was built for the first time in the Chicago World’s fair? It was built by an engineer called George Ferris. Interesting ha!

So many other things appeared for the first time in this World’s Fair. Such as, the dishwasher, the gum, the zipper, and the list goes on.

I have not finished the book yet. I don’t want to precede the event in the book but, it is a very recommendable book. I recommend everyone to read it.

link if you want to know more about the book:


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