Knowing The World’s Fair


“In New York’s World Fair( 1939) , the American public was introduced to the first U.S. television broadcast as President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered a speech to welcome thousands of attendees.”

In my English class we were assigned to read about the Devil in the White City. It is a novel written by Erik Larson. The novel discusses the Chicago world Fair exhibition in 1893. In fact before reading the book, I never knew about the world fair. So I had to do some research about it, and I find out that in 2020 the World Fair is going to happen in Dubai, United Arab of Emirates and in June of this year the world fair is going to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan Interesting.

So what is the World Fair?

The world fair is a huge exhibition that show achievements of nations in one place. It is a commercial exhibition that makes people explore the world new inventions outside of their own cultures. Did you know that the dishwasher and Gum were first introduced in Chicago world fair in 1893?

The theme of this year world fair is going to be about “Future of Energy’ we have covered this topic in my English class.  This year theme is going to provide innovation, some energy solutions, and how we can apply it into our social, economic and environmental life. Speaking about energy, Rita my class partner and I, were assigned to create our own sustainable city. We named the City “Nota” first two litters of my name and last two letters of Rita’s name. we had to search for sustainable energy inventions that we can add in Nota. We found many, some of it has not been published yet who knows maybe it will be introduced in this year expo.

There are so many inventions and technologies that made their first public appearance in the world’s Fair such as, the telephone, electric outlet, x-ray machine, touchscreen, fax machines, television, and escalator.

Speaking about new technology, we went on a tour at the Mackay building in University of Nevada Reno to know about the 3D printer and the laser cutter. With the 3D printer I Saw a YouTube video showing that we can build a house using the 3D printer. Also we had the opportunity to try the google glass.

Not just technology that was introduced in the world fair, also new food such as, popcorn, ice cream cone, Heinz Ketchup, mustard, Dr. Pepper, cotton candy, and hot dog.

Moreover, in the world’s fair Walt Disney tested his latest creation. It was “a little boat ride filled with animatronic dolls singing in various languages.” You all know what song I’m talking about.  I remember this song of that game “it’s a small world after all…” because the infernal tune got stuck into my head forever.

I’m glad that I got to know about the World’s Fair, and I’m excited to attend the next World Fair expo. I wonder what new inventions the next world’s Fair will introduce?

Have any of you actually been to a world’s fair? Or planning to go?

To read more about the World’s Fair I have provided several links below:


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